Mostra Internazionale del Tessile di Sartirana

La mostra dei “tappeti di guerra” verrà allestita nell’ambito della IX Mostra Internazionale del Tessile di Sartirana che si svolgerà dal 19 al 22 settembre 2013. Per ulteriori dettagli clicca qui.

Vi aspettiamo a La Pila, l’antico magazzino del riso del XVII sec. trasformato per l’occasione in un colorato caleidoscopio per mercanti internazionali, collezionisti, appassionati e semplici curiosi!The War Rugs exhibition will be shown at the 9th edition of Sartirana Textile Show that will take palce within the extraordinary spaces of the ancient rice mill La Pila in Sartirana Lomellina from 19th to 22nd of September, 2013.

The Fair Trade is one of the most popular and specilized fairs in the world, dealing with rugs and ancient textile arts. It is the annual chance of meeting for the most famous collectors and exhibitors from all over the world, in Sartirana Lomellina, within the extraordinary spaces of La Pila.

The fair wants to become an opportunity to know and enter in contact with the Art of Textile, which carries an important socio-cultural value. Tis year, the new entries are a Side Exhibition, entirely dedicated to Saddle and Tent Bags of nomad populations from Near and Far East, and the Tea Time Textile Talks, informal dicussions to deepen into the magic world of Textile. The T.T.T.T. will take place every day, at 5 p.m.